Women Led Community

Managed Food Security Initiatives through Climate Change Adaptation

Project Goal
Catalysing micro entrepreneurship and economic empowerment of rural women-led households through sustainable farming

Project Objective
Conceived in the aftermath of the Super Cyclone Amphan which devastated farmlands in North 24 Parganas district, this programme is entirely women centric and lead by female members of the community.

• A farming model ensures sufficient vegetables are produced by women members in their kitchen farms to sustain their family requirement for minimum of 240 days in a year.

• Surplus vegetables will be sold in urban centres in a farm to fork operation to increase family income.

• Sustainable organic methods designed for small farmers, availing local varieties of seeds, bio-manures and nutrients made from domestic bio waste.

• Promote usage of biological and botanical pest controllers only.

• A central seed bank will be operated by the women groups for traditional seed exchange and seed propagation.

• All the women headed families will integrate poultry bird rearing with this kitchen farming programme for incremental income generation

Project Period
April 2019 onwards