The Genesis
  • The geo-political event of 1971
  • The catholic charities responds to this emergency situation.
  • Fr. Jacques Wattayene, SJ, assists in the refugee relief work.
  • Msgr. Henry D’Souza takes over and continues.
  • Mother Teresa’s help sought.
  • Huge quantities of relief materials flood into Calcutta.
    A large storage place was required.
  • The Loreto Sisters offer the vacant land and an unused two storied building.
  • Caritas India acquires the property and laters transfers to
    Seva Kendra Calcutta.
  • On 14 December, 1973 Fr. J. Henrichs SJ registers Seva Kendra
    Calcutta as the official Relief and Developmental Society of the
    Archdiocese of Calcutta.
  • Msgr. Henry D’Souza the first president of the governing board of Seva Kendra Calcutta
  • Fr. J. Henrichs SJ, the first Director

Phase 1: Relief, Rehabilitation, Welfare
  • 1974 - Fr. Allan de Lastic appointed as the director and secretary of SKC.
  • 1975 – Fr. Francis Gomes appointed as the director and secretary of SKC and was sent to close down SKC.
  • During this Decade: emergency relief, contruction of roads, ponds, embankments, irrigation canals, low cost housing, tube-wells, social forestry, building of community centers and massive food for work programme
  • Fr. Francis Gomes sent to Coady International for studies
  • During his absence of six months Mr. Aloysius Banerjee appointed as the acting director
  • 1978 – The diocese of Baruipur was errected. Palli Unnayan Samiti established.
  • 1979 – Fr. Francis Gomes constructs the new ofiice building
  • 1982 – A new training center was constructed
  • Fr. Francis Gomes reorganized SKC into various departments such as Project Department, Department of Food Programme, Finance and Accounts, Training, Documentation, Research and Publication.
  • 1980-1984 – Fr. John Noronha worked as the Assistant Director

Phase 2: Collaboration, Development, Animation
  • Regional forum was started and Fr. Francis Gomes was appointed as first Director
  • 1984 - Fr. Francis Gomes appointed as the Vicar General. Fr. John Noronha appointed as Director.
  • 1985 – SKC acquires its first Computer
  • 1986 – Papal visit of His Holiness John Paul II to Calcutta
  • 1987 – Fr. I. P. Sarto appointed as the Assistant Director
  • New programmes started: Adult Education, Women’s Economic and Nutritional Enhancements and Regional Scholarship Programmes
  • CDMU Boys’ Town
  • 1991 - 1993 – Fr. I. P. Sarto was Director of SKC.
  • Monitoring quality of projects enhanced, Staff development took place, Mr. Oliver Gomes and Mukul Haldar sent to Coady International for studies

Phase 3: Continuation, Consolidation, Empowerment
  • 1993 - Fr. Valerian Nazreth appointed as Director
  • Previous programmes like WEANE EMPOWER continue.
  • Animation and Motivation became a major part of the developmental process.
  • Educational Scholarships, Entrepreneurship Development, Promotion of Savings and Co-operatives.
  • 1996 – Mr. Oliver Gomes appointed as acting Director
  • 1997 – Diocese of Asansol was created
  • 1998 – Mr. Oliver Gomes appointed as Director
  • 1998 – Mr. Oliver Gomes appointed as Director
  • 1998 – SKC completed 25 years.

Phase 4: Expansion, Mobilization, Participation
  • 2002 – Reginald Fernandes appointed as Director and serves in that capacity for 10 years
  • SKC’s extension center at Barasat started
  • Formation of Self Help Groups started
  • Solar Lanters provided to hostels
  • Low cost housing for families constructed post 2000 floods
  • 2004 – Mr. Giri Holy of LL proposes to set-up a Lepsory and TB center in Midnapore
  • 2004 – SKC’s Kharagpur Extension Center Inaugurated
  • 2007 – Land bought in Serampore, later a entension center constructed.
  • 2007 – A building in Dum Dum is put at the disposal of SKC by the Archdiocese
  • 2007 – Community Mobilization and Anti Human Trafficking projects start.
  • 2008 – 2009 – Community College and Community Care Centers
  • The work of three important buildings begin: St. Joseph’s Hospital, Midnapore, Sindhu Tara, Digha, Allan de Lastic Block in Kolkata
  • 2009 – Cyclone ‘Aila’
  • November 11th, 2011 St. Josephs’ Hospital inaugurated.
  • Daily Bread Restaurant inaugurated
  • One solar roof was blessed
  • Bishop Thomas D’Souza nominated as the Coadjutor to Archbishop Lucas Sircar, SDB on March 12th, 2011.
  • December 8th, 2011 Fr. Franklin Menezes appointed Director Designate

Phase 5: Prioritization, Pioneering, Re-envisioning
  • February 23rd, 2012 Archbishop Thomas D’Souza was installed as the ninth Archbishop of Calcutta
  • June 6th 2012, Fr. Franklin Menezes took over as the ninth director of Seva Kendra Calcutta
  • 2013 – Ruby Jubilee celebrated
  • 2013 – Ruby Jubilee celebrated
  • Two more solar roofs
  • New innovative projects initiated
  • Half of godown renovated
  • Presently SKC runs 45 diverse projects

Phase 6: The Story of 'Seva' Continues...
  • September 1st 2021, Fr. Anthony Rodericks took over as the tenth director of Seva Kendra Calcutta.