SKC Solar Mission

Project Goal
Reduction of Carbon Footprint by promoting the use of solar technology

• Promoting and enabling the adoption of solar power in social and educational institutions of West Bengal which serve as models for wider acceptance
• Installation of solar powered lighting and water heating systems at on-grid and off-grid locations to reduce dependence on fossil fuel based energy sources
• Training and capacity building services to user institutions on assembling, operating and repair of solar systems and related gadgets

Project Period
• Ongoing since 2010
Project Activities
Self reliance and in-house expertise in commissioning On-Grid and Off-Grid solar power systems both in rooftop and land based applications.
Solar based lighting, water heating and rural applications

Outcomes & Achievements of the project and its impact from 2010 to 2021
• Advocacy of green power and Solar energy through Climate Conferences and Seminars.
• Extensive training and capacity building through workshops.
• Seva Kendra Calcutta Head Office in Kolkata has installed a total of 102 kWp roof-top solar on-grid system that would contribute to saving Rs. 11.5 lakhs approximately per year and also reduce carbon footprints (CO2) by approximately 79,225 kgs.
• In-house development of a new solar water heating system (20 LPD) innovation.