Sindhu Tara

Digha Centre (Sindhu Tara)

Digha is West Bengal’s most popular sea resort and tourist spot. It is about 187 kms south west of Kolkata and is relatively easy to reach by train, bus or one’s own vehicle. The scenic beauty of the place is a delight to the eyes. The sea at Digha is relatively calm and shallow and hence is safe for spending time in the waters. There are several other attractive beaches not far away from Digha like Shankarpur, Udaipur, Talasari, Junput, Tajpur, Mandarmani etc. The year 2008-09 was an important year, as foundations to three important buildings were laid: St. Joseph’s Hospital at Midnapore, the new annexure for the training centre at Kolkata and ‘Sudhu Tara’ (Star of the Ocean) the Training Centre of Seva Kendra Calcutta at Digha. Seva Kendra Calcutta is privileged to have a Training Centre at Digha, Sindhu Tara Star of the Ocean named after Our Blessed Mother Mary. This was built on the land of the Archdiocese of Calcutta and was given for the use of Seva Kendra Calcutta for 25 years. It began functioning from 8th of March in the year 2010. This renovated centre was blessed by His Grace, Archbishop Thomas D’Souza on 18th October 2019 in a simple ceremony in the presence of 50 members of the staff of Seva Kendra Calcutta. Our hope is that all those visit this centre feel comfortable during their stay at Digha. The purpose of this training centre was to provide possibilities for training programmes, workshops, meetings at a location that attracts thousands of tourists.

Accommodation and Food facilities of Sindhu Tara Training Centre at Digha
There are 17 rooms (4 bedded nine rooms, 3 bedded five rooms, 2 bedded two rooms and 10 bedded one dormitory) available for 65 persons. Also we have one Conference room with 80 seat capacity and one Dining room with 45 seat capacity.

1. Accommodation Facilities
Non-A/C Rooms
i. Two bedded Room: Rs.400 per day/night
ii. Three bedded Room: Rs.600 per day/night
iii. Four Bedded Room: Rs.800 per day/night
iv. Dormitory with 10 beds: Rs.1500 (per bed Rs.150/-)

A/C Room
i. Two Bedded Room: Rs.1000/- per day/night
ii. Three Bedded Room: Rs. 1500 per day/night
iii. Four Bedded Room: Rs 2000 per day/night

Conference Hall
i. Non-AC Conference Hall - Rs.3500/- with 18% GST
ii. AC Conference Hall - Rs.5000/- with 18% GST

2. Food Facilities (with 5% GST)
i. Puri, Googhni, one Boiled Egg and Tea: Rs.60/-
ii. Bread, Butter or Jam, one Boiled Egg and Tea: Rs.60/-

Lunch or Dinner:
i. Rice, Dal, Veg Curry, Chicken, Tomato Chutney: Rs.120/-
ii. Rice, Dal, Veg Curry, Fish (Rui), Tomato Chutney: Rs.120/-
iii. Rice Dal Veg Curry, Fish (Katla), Tomatoes Chutney - Rs.130/-
iv. Rice Dal Veg Curry, Fish (Pomfret), Tomato Chutney - Rs.160/-
v. Rice, Dal, Veg Curry, Egg Curry (2pcs), Tomato Chutney - Rs.100/-
vi. Rice, Dal, 2 types of Veg Curries & Tomato: Rs.90/-

Evening Snacks:
i. Two Samosa with Tea: Rs.30-