The International women’s day 2024 was celebrated in SKC’s NRM Project locations on 11.03.24 at Kamarchowki village of Kesiary Block in Paschim Midnapur district with the theme ‘Invest in women: Accelerate progress’. This vital event was celebrated to acknowledge and appreciate the hard efforts, constant patience, repeated struggles and achievements of all the target women and the Solar technicians in the project area. There were various events like motivational speeches from leading women personalities, magic show, games, cultural programmes, sharing of dialogues and interchange of ideas, which connected women from every sector and established a common forum to encourage their inspiring actions. The guest of the day was Ms Moumita Kishu Tudu, a Panchayet members under Kusumpur no 4 GP, she distributed the prizes to the winning women athletes and nutrition kits to all mothers present.  Total 147 target women participated from Kesiary , Nayagram, Dantan, Gopiballavpur and Kharagpur 1 block, who in their daily life are breaking numerous barriers and challenging norms to make the world a better place.