Child Labour Free GP initiatives in line with MVF model

An exposure visit was made by a team of 14 persons of Kolkata Trust for Human Development (KTfHD) in Gobindapur GP on 24th April 2024. This visit was done under the guidance and direction of Rusha Mitra and Aparajita Ghosh. The aim of their visit was to observe the different kinds of TLMs developed for the teaching at remedial learning centres and to observe the multi level teaching process in two centres. The display of TLMs was organized at a centre at Purbo Polta where a group discussion was conducted, TLMs were observed while a demonstration of few TLMs were done. This was followed by visiting two remedial learning centres at Dattapara and Gobra Idga respectively during which they observed how teaching takes place with children of different kinds of learning level and competency. All the things had been applauded by the visiting team and the organization.

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